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Slab is a stone with relatively large dimensions, the size of each side of which is usually larger than 120 cm. Slabs are made from large pieces of stone, called blocks. The thickness of each slab is about 2 cm. All type of stones including marble, onyx, travertine and granite can be produced as slabs.

The cost of processing slab stone production is relatively twice the cost of producing tiles. This factor along with the Natural origin and unique appearance of large slab stone make it more expensive than tile. Slab stone has a unique beauty because of the variety of colors and designs and the display of a large area of ​​the design and streaks; that is why engineers, architects and interior designers have been using slab stone in their designs in recent decades. This type of stone is used in the floors and walls of lobbies,halls, conference halls and other places. Slabs with a thickness of more than 2 cm are also used in the production of decorative construction tools. Slab stone is also used in toilets and lightboxes. Onyx slabs have a special effect because of the backlight.

This stone should be cut with excellent polishing system, same thickness and high transparency, it should be noted that the cutting of this stone must be done very accurately and uniformly.


- Advantages of slab stone:

High variety in beauty and color: No artificial color is used in this stone. Natural stones will be cut with the same shape and appearance and presented to the market.

High adhesion strength: Water and cement are used to install this stone, and due to its high adhesion, it is possible to install it easily at high altitudes.

Strength and Toughness: This natural stone has a very high strength and power and shows high resistance to mechanical stress, breakage, crushing and air temperature.

Easy maintenance: Because of the naturalness of slab stone, this stone can be used in its space without the need for any special storage conditions. It is also easy and cheap to clean natural slab stone.

Environmental compatibility: Slab stone does not contain any contaminants that are harmful to health, therefore as a building material, it is safe.


The mentioned properties make slab stone one of the export stones. Although many building materials look bad over the years, natural slab stone retains its beautiful appearance. Ararat stone is one of the independent producers of slab stone in Rezvanshahr industrial zone located in Isfahan province. Excellent polishing, uniform and precise thickness as well as high transparency are the features that make the products of this factory among the export products.


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